Accident Investigations

July 03 2015

Getting to the bottom of what caused an accident can be a daunting task. Companies already know that a thorough accident investigation is a critical aspect to managing a safety program. Errors made during the investigation can lead to the wrong conclusions which can result in management making incorrect decisions which will not improve the safety program and may lead to more accidents in the future

Sheffield Safety has investigated many accidents, incidents and near misses. In each instance the goal is the same, prevent reoccurrence. At Sheffield Safety, we use analytical techniques, employee interviews, and other data collection techniques that when applied to accidents are proven to determine the root cause and prevent reoccurrence. After applying these techniques to the accident, we are able to develop a detailed report that includes remedial actions to implement and help ensure that the accident will not reoccur

Near misses are warnings that help us identify problems and patterns that can lead to more serious accidents. As part of the investigation process SSLC will identify, prepare and present lessons learned. Following through on the causes of near misses can help employers make changes or corrections that will prevent injuries, illnesses, or damage to equipment.