Fall Safety Stand Down

What is the National Safety Stand-Down?

-The program launched on Worker’s Memorial Day in 2012 to raise awareness of preventing fall hazards in construction. Employers and workers nationwide are expected to participate in this year’s Fall Safety Stand-Down.

How does a Stand-Down work?

-All industries can conduct a Stand-Down. A Fall Safety Stand-Down can be as simple or involved as desired. For example, in 2015, one was held at the U.S. Capital dome restoration project.On a smaller scale, a Stand-Down can be incorporated as fall safety events throughout the week. A company is never too small to conduct a Stand-Down. Roughly half of events nationwide are held by companies with 25 or fewer employees.

Easy ways to conduct a Stand-Down:

-Conduct a toolbox talk focused on ladder, scaffold, or roof safety

-Conduct a safety inspection along with employees

-Develop rescue plan

-Hold a safety training session

-Show a safety video

More Resources: osha.gov, Sheffield Safety

Sources: osha.gov,nsc.org



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