Trolley Barn Transformation

Sheffield Safety and Loss Control has been going through the process of moving to a new location, a former trolley barn located in Plainfield, Illinois. The trolley barn has undergone a massive transformation, so we’re excited to share the progress of our new headquarters.

Paul Wojcieszak, president of Sheffield Safety, was originally looking for a simple office space to expand his business. Paul ended up purchasing the entire trolley barn with plans to redevelop 7,000 square feet of the building into Sheffield Safety’s new corporate headquarters. Inside the space includes: offices, a training room, area to sell safety equipment, and a warehouse holding safety equipment. The rest of the building will be leased.

It was important that the historical integrity still remained during the renovation. Architect David¬†Schmidt believes that they “tried to make the building look like it would if they were going to do something like this back then.” Attention to historical details also means restoring the original limestone.

Check out the progress!

BEFORE: The old, vacant space was formerly used as a trolley barn. It was originally built in the 1900s and housed trolleys for a line between Plainfield, Joliet and Aurora. Past owners built additions in the 1940s and 1950s.


The finishing touches are happening on the inside of the building. We’re excited to be all settled in soon!



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